Go Ollie!

Go Ollie! 0.30

Help this funny worm collect all the coins


  • Free, full game with original features
  • Two gaming modes
  • Nice graphics and background music


  • Poor sound effects
  • Childish appearance


At first sight Go Ollie! looks like a game for kids, but once you play it you realize it can be fun for anyone, no matter what age.

Go Ollie! is an original platform game that stands out for several reasons. First, its main character is a worm, a tiny creature that is not usually regarded as an example of cuteness. Second, the worm is controlled with the mouse instead of cursor keys. And finally, the game scrolls automatically to one side, just like one of those old shoot'em ups.

In Go Ollie! your mission consists on collecting all the coins, fruits and whatever other valuable objects you find on your way. At the same time you'll have to avoid different kinds of enemies. Go Ollie! features two gaming modes: a Story mode that enables you to play over 60 levels with various objectives and an Action mode with unlimited replayable levels and a high score top list.

Go Ollie! features very good graphics and a nice soundtrack. The sound effects are a bit too basic though.

Despite the initial childish impression, Go Ollie! turns out to be an excellent free platform game that anyone can enjoy.

Some minor bugs fixed Added a few new features


  • Some minor bugs fixed Added a few new features
Go Ollie!


Go Ollie! 0.30

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